Frequently Asked Questions & Our Rules of Booking


How Much do you charge to hire a bar?

Our Bar Hire is free if you have more than 70 guests.

To qualify for free bar hire the event must be a minimum of 4 hours long

The local authority charges us to issue a TENS Licence which acts as a Premises Licence at your venue.  We charge a £30 fee for this at the time of booking.


How much is your booking deposit?

We charge a £30.00 Booking fee to secure the date of your event.

This covers the cost of a temporary event notice to act as a temporary licence.


How does the free bar hire work?


We supply free bar hire for your event and in return for this Free service we request a minimum of 70 guests and if less than 70 guests attend on the day thenyou will be charged a £150 hire fee on the day as we have to pay our staff and do not make enough from a bar with less than 70 guests  In order to protect our personal licence and to cover the expenses we will of paid out upfront we request that we are the sole providers of all drinks, we are able to provide welcome toast and table drinks at very reasonable prices.  Alternatively any drinks you have provided yourself must be removed before the bar opens.  We like to allow 2 hours to set up where possible and 35 minutes to dissmantle at the end.  All drink related rubbish will be placed in any bins provided by the venue or this will be your responsibility to dispose of along with the rest of your event rubbish.


Is there a minimum amount of money you have to take on the bar?

NO we do not make you spend a certain amount of money behind the bar we only ask that you stick to the rules above.


Do all guests pay for their own drinks?

These days the majority of guests buy their own drinks but if you would like to put some money behind the bar then this is perfectly fine.


What payments do you accept behind the bar?

We accept cash and debit and credit cards

In order to accept cards we require 3g or wifi access.